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Professorship of English Studies and Anglophone Literatures – Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt

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PhD Projects


Yesim Sultan Akbar. "Actualization of Self in Penelope Fitzgerald's Non-Fictional World.“ University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.

Anchimbe, Joyce. “Strands of Contemporary Feminism in Nigerian and Ghanaian Literatures, University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.

Chukwuemeka, Daniel. “That African Prince that Keeps Sending You E-mails...”: The Literary. Economy of E-Fraud in Contemporary African Fiction.” University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.

Elhanafy, Taghrid. “The Transtextual Dialogisim of The Arabic/Persian Literature and
Shakespeare.“ University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.

Maphosa, Tomupeishe. “Yvonne Vera’s Feminisms.“ University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.


Assa, Shirin. “Intersectional Resistance in MENA Women’s Fiction”. University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS/Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies.

Kamga, Albert Legrand. “Queer/in(g) Africa.”, University of Bayreuth, Graduate School.

Yuan, Mingqing. “African and African diasporic Conceptualizations of China.“ University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS, Scholarship of Council of Chinese Government.

2014 –

Wachira, James. “Local Knowledge and Environment in Kenyan Oral Poetry”, University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS, DAAD Scholarship.

2013 –   

Aboluwade, Ifeoluwa. “Translation as Interpretation”, University of Bayreuth, IPP, DAAD Scholarship.

2012 –    

Kullrich, Nina. “Weißsein  und Kosmetik in Indien”, University of Bayreuth, IPP PhD.


Xin, Li. “Narrating Silence as Resistance”, University of Bayreuth, China Scholarship Council, IPP.


Vackermann, Kej. “Rites of Passage: Standpoint Reform in (Post)colonial Feminist Coming-of-Age in the Americas”, University of Bayreuth, DAAD Scholarship,  IPP PhD. (maternal leave since 2013)

2014 – 2018

Loukson, Ives, Sangouing. “Repräsentationen sozialer Dynamiken im Post-Apartheidroman Schwarzer Autor*innen”, University of Bayreuth, IPP. 

2013 – 2016

Baas, Renzo. “Visions of Space in British, German, Namibian and South African Fiction.” University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS, DAAD Scholarship, PhD. (magna cum laude).

2012 – 2016

Donsomsakulkij, Weeraya. “Nature and Environment in South African Novels”, University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS. (magna cum laude).

2011 – 2017

Dittmann, Julia. “Weißsein und der okzidentale Film”, University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS (maternal leave 2013-2015). (magna cum laude).

2010 – 2015

Köppen, Grit. “Aktuelle Tendenzen im äthiopischen Theater”, University of Bayreuth, BIGSAS, Scholarship: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. (magna cum laude).

2010 – 2015

Fu, Lin. “Trauma in Chinese North American Fiction”, University of Bayreuth, IPP (summa cum laude).

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